Eric Reamer

Eric Reamer has spent the last 30+ years speaking and performing on stages all around the world. He is a professional stage illusionist, and an expert-level trainer of business development, presentation skills and dynamic communication. He is the best selling author of 6 books; has hosted nationally syndicated business talk radio and television shows, and is now known as America’s PR Media Coach. 


When it comes to creating influence and making people visible, there’s no illusion: Eric delivers! He can teach you how to manage your own publicity, or do it for you for accelerated results.

Rachel Mains

Rachel has a passion for all things entertainment/

media. She's worked in both television and radio. Her radio show, Corner Cafe: Sharing the Story and Heart of an Artist, offers music variety with a pinch of entertainment. Her latest project, Corner Cafe: Your Cup of Inspiration, is a TV show focusing on inspirational stories. Rachel also helps to brand entrepreneurs and public figures (website, photos, logo) via Branding by Rachel

Traci Rock

Traci Rock started her radio career in elementary school when she was interviewed by a funky mascot chicken, don’t ask! From that moment on,  she was obsessed with how radio operated. Traci was so intrigued by the on-air personalities, that she knew someday I’d be working with the best of the best. She has been so blessed to do just that, but more importantly, it’s been the listeners that have gotten Traci to where she is at today. 

Traci is a Colorado native and she loves sunsets, hiking, running, biking, swimming, dancing, skiing, good food, good company, good coffee, and good wine. She has lived in many states, but she always keeps coming back to God's country!