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Inspirational Speaker

Prior to her life in front of the camera, Angie battled to survive a difficult childhood. She lost a brother to murder, another brother to drugs and a life on the streets, and a father to alcoholism. Angie loves to speak about her journey from low income housing and a home filled with violence, drugs and alcohol, to a good education, a great career and the life of her dreams. Angie Austin is a prime example of beating the odds. When she speaks, she teaches you if there is a barrier in front of you, there is always a way around it.

Angie worked in TV news for 20 years before deciding to leave the negative news behind to start her own Good News radio program. Angie created The Good News, because she was just plain tired of covering bad news; and because her TV bosses didn’t like her cracking jokes and laughing on the air. Her show airs on 3 Denver radio stations, and she has a national radio show in 115 markets. The Good News features positive stories of hope, inspiration and victory. Listening to Angie’s show is like getting a “radio hug,” and who doesn’t need a hug?

Angie worked as a news anchor and weather forecaster on numerous TV stations, including NBC4 Los Angeles, FOX6 San Diego, ABC Santa Barbara, KWGN Denver and the nationally syndicated show EXTRA.

Angie Austin is a dynamic, motivational, inspirational speaker who is gifted in connecting with her audience.  Her energy and enthusiasm lift any audience. 

~Lloyd Lewis, President and CEO Arc Thrift Store

Angie recently spoke at our Graduation, providing one of the most sincere, heart-warming, encouraging, and humorous talks I have ever heard.  Angie is vulnerable and honest displaying a compassionate heart for the people we serve and their struggles.  She makes you feel like you are her best friend and she is speaking right to your heart, challenging you to be better.  Truly moving, just awesome. 

~Brad Meuli, President/CEO, Denver Rescue Mission


Angie spoke at our conference in Los Angeles and she was a blast of  funny, with relevant content. All of our attendees mentioned how she woke up the audience with her irreverent wit and great stories. As someone who trains professional speakers, Angie has a quality I can’t teach — authenticity with an ability to truly connect with an audience. In a auditorium filled with professional speakers, Angie stood out. She is one of the best in the business.

~Judy Carter, author of The Message of You and The Comedy Bible



      Angie in the Community     

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